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In the language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Afrika, the word "marimba" means "wooden voices."

Fredtronics Marimbas are carefully handcrafted by Fred King. Fred was born in New York City and grew up in Harlem,  the Bronx and Ithaca, playing music and building instruments since 1959. His most recent forays brought him to Portland, Oregon, where he learned the music of Zimbabwe.

Most of his marimbas are made from selected padauk (a tropical hardwood) and he has learned how to liberate the true voice of the wood. Each instrument is custom designed to your specifications. Built for musicians who are looking for an authentic sound, these instruments are used in a number of working ensembles.

The marimbas shown on this site are just examples of what is available. You may specify any custom features, expanded key sets, types of wood for keys or frame, height, and design.

Each instrument is dated, signed and numbered, adding to its value over time.

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