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When you're out on the front lines at a performance, your band's survival depends on air support, the power of the bass to move air. You can have the hottest sopranos, the cleanest tenors, and the punchiest baritones, but it's that bass boom that brings it all together.

This ten key bass has a G below the low C, and incorporates many Fredtronics innovations, including:

  • Solid oak frame

  • Quick-replace buzzers for fast changes during performances

  • A bent resonator tube for the low G, for an overall low profile.

  • A stand with a non-slip coating and raised bumps near the ends, so you can feel when you are near the edge.


Deep Bass 10 (Pictured above - includes mallets and stand): $5,800.00

Standard 9 key bass (does not include low G): $3,300.00 (with mallets and stand)

Standard resonator tubes: $650

Bass with 6 inch wide keys: $4,200

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