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Marimba Lessons

Learn to play the high-energy music of Zimbabwe, Africa in a group setting!

Taught by MyLinda King, thirty-four-year member and former musical director of Portland’s popular marimba band, BOKA MARIMBA at Boka Marimba's former studio. No experience necessary.

Adult and children's lessons in Portland, Oregon provided with a full ensemble of African-style marimbas and hosho (gourd shakers). The marimbas range in size from the sit-down soprano to the five-foot high booming bass.


No prior musical experience necessary. The music is upbeat, highly rhythmic, and involves the cooperation of five to nine players.

Class instruments provided. Rental instruments are sometimes available for practice

Group Workshops

No marimba teacher in your town? Group workshops are available. Repertoire includes over 60 traditional and contemporary marimba pieces. Groups are provided the individual instrumental parts for traditional pieces and instruction in integrating those parts into a flowing whole.


MyLinda works with you at whatever level of musical proficiency you have achieved and speak the musical language that will help you, whether it's standard Western notation, rote repetition or recording. She also provides hosho instruction, a vital piece of the ensemble puzzle often missing in Western marimba bands.

Lessons by mail

Workshops not an option? Take lessons by mail! You can communicate by mail, telephone and e-mail -- receive tape cassettes, sheet music to have lessons in the comfort of your home. These lessons are designed for a group of five to nine players rather than an individual player.

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