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Stacking frame system

The Type 4 marimba design evolved from years of marimba ensemble playing. I wanted a way to get the marimbas to the performance and back without damaging the surfaces of the keys and the frames. Over the years, we took different approaches to this problem- stacking the instruments in a big pile in a van, racks built into the band van, custom made padded cases.

Eventually I realized that the marimba frame itself could serve as the rack. The Type 4 design allows you to stack an entire set of marimbas for storage and transportation. No weight is placed on the suspension cord, and nothing touches the key surfaces.

Adjustable height legs

Options include adjustable legs. Change from sitting to standing playing position in seconds. Great for players who use wheelchairs

Why stop at high C? This three octave marimba goes up another octave!

Three octave soprano

Outdoor marimba

This marimba is designed for outdoor use by toddlers and children. Ipe (ironwood) keys on a Trex frame. Makes a great addition to any play area, like this one at CityKids Daycare at the Portland Building.

  • 11 key pentatonic tenor shown here, other ranges and tunings available

  • Weather resistant frame

  • Pentatonic scale (great for toddler and adult noodling.)

  • Optional enclosed resonators



Outdoor Tenor Marimba as pictured above - includes resonators and mallets $2,000.00

Without resonators: $1,700

Dezes (available seasonally)

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